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Holidays to Poovar

Poovar Holidays, Kerala

Poovar Holidays

Located in the backwaters of Kerala, a holiday in Poovar means spending time in an attractive beach area. As it is mainly accessed along the winding river, being coconut palm groves and a nice, serene atmosphere is the norm. Poovar is an isolated and remote place for a laid-back getaway.

When to go:

Poover is situated on the southwestern most coast of India in Kerala meaning it’s hot all year round with temperatures ranging from 27°C-33°C all year round.

From November to May, Kerala and Poovar receive up to 10 hours a day of sunlight whereas the rest of the year only get between two and five hours per day. The months that receive the most sunlight come with less humidity than July-September where you might experience up to 85% humidity.

Top Attractions:

The waters of the Arabian Sea combined with the warm golden sand make a Poovar holiday one you will never forget.

The interior of Poovar is populated by banana groves and sightseeing trips along the backwaters of Poovar where crocodile watching is popular.


Poovar beach offers a view of the formation of the backwaters as well as a large amount of exotic wildlife. Its golden sands are home to some of the best picnic spots you can find. Located where the Neyyar River joins the Arabian Sea, Poovar beach is gathering more attention each year due to its beautiful location.


Rice is a staple dish in the South Indian diet and spices are always used to create aromatic dishes. As Poovar is a fishing hub, seafood is also popular amongst locals and both can be found in a majority of the dishes in Poovar.

For a unique experience, try Chile, the floating restaurant where dishes are served by candlelight.


Poovar’s local culture is focused around the backwaters, where a network of rivers and canals provide the primary mode of transport and source of income for locals.

Adventure and Sports:

Poovar holidays offer a perfect introduction to Kerala with a relaxed atmosphere along with fantastic hotels offering great facilities.

Holidays to Poovar have a low-key vibe and are mostly about relaxing. As is the case throughout Kerala, resorts in Poovar are home to a number of health centres specialising in Ayurvedic treatments and are the perfect way to pamper yourself.

Getting Around:

Boats are the primary mode of transportation for locals and tourists, although buses from Poovar station are also available. For a more authentic way of travel, Rickshaws are a popular way of travel for tourists.

Weather and Climate

Located on the southwestern coast of India, Kerala is hot all year around with temperatures between 27c and 33C all year. The highest sunshine hours per day are Nov - May with aprox 10 hours per day, this falls to 2 - 5 hours per day Jun - Sep. Humidity is between 70 - 85% with the highest humidity being from July - Sep. Monsoon season is from June-Sep with between 260 - 620mm of rainfall per month, the remainder of the year is generally very dry.

Estuary Sarovar Portico Island

Estuary Sarovar Portico Island

Poovar, Kerala
Poovar Island Resort

Poovar Island Resort

Poovar, Kerala
Isola Di Cocco

Isola Di Cocco

Poovar, Kerala